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Meetings that are for men or women only are ideal for members who only feel safe attending single-gender meetings.

Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings may be closed or open: closed meetings are only open to those with addictive sexual behavior, while open meetings are open to anyone seeking information about Sex Addicts Anonymous.

One analogous characteristic is engaging in sexual behaviors despite the negative consequences they bring.

For example, you might continue seeking out sex despite having already lost your job for related reasons.

There are no fees associated with membership because the organization is self-supporting, relying solely on voluntary member contributions.

They may also be friends or family members of someone who they suspect has a sex addiction.Some meetings are held in real time online via an internet connection.Both online and in-person meetings may be gender-specific or they may be mixed gender and open to all people.Everything that is shared in a meeting is received without judgment and held in strict confidentiality.


Members receive the support they need to address negative patterns of destructive behavior in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance.A sex addiction is usually present when a person loses sight of personal boundaries in terms of sexual behavior and no longer has the ability to control the urge to seek out sexual material or encounters.


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